US Fed talks inflation but I do not see it in these CFD charts

The Fed sends out confusing messages as usual. There is talk of inflation but these CFD charts show there was inflation between the Fall of 2020 to about peaking in the summer. This includes copper and base agricultural product like sugar, wheat, corn, and soybean. The indices have cooled lately as well but energy is […]

World’s Largest Wealth Fund Faces Record $37 Billion Withdrawal

Here is the general gist of it: Norway plans to draw a record 382 billion kroner ($37 billion) from its wealth fund, forcing the world’s biggest sovereign investor to embark on an historic asset sale to generate cash. Norway and some others countries have done it smartly instead of just going to printing cash machine. […]

Quant Analytics Tutorial videos of 3 asset classes

Updated tour of Quant Analytics Dashboard Get Your Goodie ZIP archive of Useful Data Files These can be applied to all 3 asset classes as described below Crypto Currency Asset Class from the Kraken Exchange Forex Asset Class from Oanda Broker Long vs short positions for forex trading for trend analysis CFD Asset Class from […]

WLPR #Technical indicator show that #bitcoin May rise soon

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