Cryptocurrency High Level Course formal outline plus algo trading intro

Cryptocurrency High Level trading Course 3 weeks plus 1 week for optional based on algo trading bot development intro Requirements and Logistics Non technical welcome no IT skills needed Helps to secure your future with crypto 4 weeks x 12 times a year starting 4 weeks of each month Can repeat based on your sign […]

How to Do Fully Automated Trading For ALL Your Investment Needs

… without building from scratch, and … while ensuring your ABSOLUTE control by easily scaling up with NO trading license restrictions. NOTE that deal is on for a very limited. I will be cutting the annual subscription by 66’s to quarterly. This is like a 3x increase! This will end in the next few days […]

Latest and new approaches to set up your automated cryptocurrency trading.

Here is the latest and new approaches to set up your automated crypto currency trading. I am posting these on Telegram like accessible videos on their phones in popular apps. So i deliver. Please watch I will be changing things a little bit moving forwards. Get on the daily newsletter to here about the latest […]

Latest equity curves for cryptocurrency trading bots with annual risk-free rate considered

Here they are with my low kek but MASSIVE results with annual risk-free rate considered Kraken bot with Bitcoin and Ether only date_minus_time 2020-11-11 412.20 2020-11-12 1966.05 2020-11-13 5848.15 2020-11-14 1199.30 2020-11-15 284.35 2020-11-16 3822.05 2020-11-17 8772.30 2020-11-18 5484.90 2020-11-19 171.65 2020-11-20 5025.50 2020-11-21 555.30 2020-11-22 -3962.20 2020-11-23 477.05 2020-11-24 14758.25 2020-11-25 540.85 Returns Equity […]

JOIN ME ON A MISSION fastest website to build a consistent algo trading business.

A new website to promote my DVD (and website version) at Free books or learn algo trading No DVD? There is an online version as well for those not interested in physical DVDs NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don’t worry as I don’t […]

quant analytics service: Checklist for live forex signal with MT4 EA MS Outlook and Python

Here is the combo checklist to get this running from my Quant Analytics service Here is the combo of what is recommended to use: Microsoft Outlook with MessageExport addin Python 3 with the script Metatrder 4 from a broker like Oanda. The Expert Advisor can be downloaded from the Quant Analytics service […]

Zoom meeting: MetaTrader 4 EA and crypto signals

As I roll out the live signals over the next few weeks, I am hoping to do talk about this. I will also have the source available on Guthub. You will be ask all your questions about this software with the new service of Quant Analytics. See all the links listed below to see the […]

Finally a way to integrate Dukacopy JForex Java with Redis NOSQL and Python scripting

Finally a way to integrate Dukacopy JForex Java with Redis NOSQL and Python scripting A video with details is soon coming for this. It will only be available for my Quant Analytics members Get the announcement of this 90 minute by joining here Note: Running Redis, Java, and Netbeans sis required to fully […]