Quantlabs.net is a quantitative trading website managed by Bryan Downing that focuses on quantitative analysis and high frequency trading infrastructure using open source code projects including QuantLib, Marketcetera, and others.


With an emphasis on practical quant training and teaching, Quantlabs.net helps new, experienced, independent and professional quant traders get up to speed on key trading models, algorithms, and software shortcuts. This includes content for traditional technical, fundamental, and sentiment analysis traders.

Quantlabs.net specializes in trading models and high-frequency trading (HFT) algorithms and tutorials as facilitated by standard quant software and languages including R/MATLAB, Quantlib, LaTEX, MySQL, Java, C#, C++, and MS Excel.

The website offers both free and premium content with both sections expanded regularly via updates.

The site also hosts regular global “meetups” for free and paid members where practising or prospective quants can learn new techniques and strategies while getting answers to their technical and algorithm based quant questions.

Why we focus on MATLAB

QuantLabs.net provides education on building Financial trading strategies and technology solutions with video walkthroughs, source code projects, and software samples.

Service Description Overview

Energy and commodity markets

Trading, risk management, and valuation

Consulting, modeling, and training

General MATLAB training

Company tailored application-based MATLAB training

Simulink training

Stateflow training

Consulting in numerical simulation, mathematical analysis, and software development


QuantLabs.net focuses on educational approaches to providing building blocks in Financial models, strategy development, and trading platform technology projects built using MATLAB  toolboxes and M scripting language. This also includes the utilization of highly sophisticated but innovative products such as Simulink and Stateflow. All of our useful deliverable are provided through our active Premium Membership. Frequently refreshed content includes video walkthroughs, source code samples, and live online training events through Q&A sessions.

All trading models and strategy rule examples are provided using MATLAB source code with a select number of toolboxes, Simulink models, and Stateflow diagrams for real time analytics with real world market data feeds  using self contained fully automated trading systems.  Particular Simulink models can be exported into C++ or C with an FPGA  capability for ultra low latency for high frequency trading environments.

Brief description of a course we teach based on Matlab:

Live demo complete workflow of MATLAB Simulink visual model to code generation into live trading open source platform Tradelink

This is a complete demo of::
1. Code generation to C or C++ from a MATLAB Simulink visual trading model
2. Create a static library from code generation package (in C or C++)
3. Create a managed wrapper C++ DLL with CLR support to call the static library
4. Enable a Tradelink application to call the managed wrapper with a dynamically loaded trading stategy
5. Launch a Tradelink application like Gauntlet to implement the strategy for live trading or backtesting uses


How we use MATLAB and Simulink

QuantLabs.net offers specific training in various MATLAB toolboxes for Trading, Risk Management, and Valuation purposes. Custom training modules offered for Simulink, and Stateflow for real time analytics and fully automated self-contained trading systems ranging from low to high frequency trading. Target deployment can be code generated using efficient C, C++, or HDL for custom FPGA solutions

Who are our users are and how they use our services

Our users range from independent high net worth traders or investors to successful senior executive in foreign investment banks and small hedge funds. Application uses include implementing trading infrastructure with custom trading models with strategy rule development.





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