ETHUSD outperform with support and triangle patterns

ETHUSD outperform with support 3 level sets  and triangle patterns. This is all on TradingView:

Most reliable candlestick patterns with TA-Lib Python demo

Most reliable candlestick patterns with TA-Lib Python demo As continuation with the 2 patterns I mentioned earlier which include Marubozu line and others listed below. Here are the links from my video NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don’t worry as I […]

Can algo trading really beat the market

Algorithmic trading, commonly known as algo trading, has been gaining popularity in recent years as an efficient and effective way of trading and investing in financial markets.

Is Ether price ready collapse with downward press ​

We have been keeping a close eye on the Ethereum Bearish Flag Pattern for several days now, and we are happy to report that our projections align with the current market movement.

Could LTC become the new Bitcoin

As a result, crypto investors are now looking to LTC to reduce fees. it seems to show as recent momentum has been building for LTC vs BTC.

Jim Simons’ Trading Strategies Makes 66% A Year

What an article for this explains Jim Simons Trading strategies are  used in deep detail.

Serverless enhanced microservices for algo trading

This topic of serverless enhanced microservices app came from a contact. These are supposed to be decentralized and distributed. 

How to beat the Markets trading course outline

I have compiled a summary of the highlights of this new ‘How to beat the Market’ course. This includes: these sections:

How to Beat The Markets course intro

Here are the details of this new How to be the Markets course as you become a member of my Quant Analytics

Will 0.001 BTC USD go up or down long term so you can profit

So will 0.001 BTC USD make your money in the near future?