New Linux distro might be PureOS

  I will be testing out this open source Linux distro which is secure and endorsed by the Freedom Sfotware Foundation. This is the only distro to get that. It is also secure. Why I am moving to this potentially? I am despising the thought of how Google and Facebook are tracking what I do […]

How to use crontab in Linux and Mac os with Python

  I am also using this as a glorified scheduler for my current Python scripting. I run 2 crypto currency strategies among others. This technique can run on Linux and Mac OS IMPORTANT: I have come to conclusion not to rely on crontab. It seems to be unreliable I just resorted to relying on […]

Ubuntu Linux desktop tour with 2 running crypto currency strategies movie

Ubuntu Linux desktop tour with 2 running crypto currency strategies movie Here are notes types up Hi there This is a SILENT video of this new Ubuntu desktop environment I have set up 10 days for 2 working strategies with respect to crypto currency First is the winning strategy Everything is developed in Python First […]

Tutorial: How to install Ubuntu Desktop Linux onto your computer PC

As hinted in the video below, you will find the following links helpful. Also, note that you can use my older video to help configure your Ubuntu Linux setup. Here is a tutorial video   Helpful links from most recent video Etcher software tutorial Boot priority Tutorial video and link from the past […]

Facebook Live: New linux server for 3 live algo trading strategies for cryptocurrency or bitcoin bot

So I made a cheap purchase of a desktop system from Thinkpad. It is tiny with only 4 gb expandable to 8 gb. It will also have Ubuntu for all 3 trading bots I have showcased over the last few months. It will also focus on crypto currency trading live which will spanned over 2 […]

Linux Performance Tools: optimal timing of your strategy

If you need to measure the performance of your Linux kernel, this diagram will useful as it shows many tools at your disposal. This can help in optimal timing of your strategy. As you can tell, it is on Reddit where other will ad some valuable title and commentary to improve it. For those who […]