Talking about algo crypto trading min amount with Binance API

I have test with minimal amount for an early trading bot with Binance. I would recommend using this method to reduce early risk of blowing up your account. Just watch the video. I got the amounts down to $2.50 USD per live trade including the exchange commission. This is for ETH but I would double […]

Binance API trading webinar and Black Scholes alternative pricing formulas

See Binance API trading webinar details below. Want to get your hands onto this lucrative forex and cryptocurrency trading bot ? Elite membership So you want to know how to get your hands onto this lucrative #forex and #cryptocurrency #trading #bot ? Here’s how and Elite membership I have posted this image on my chat […]

AI vs machine learning and deep learning infographic: fun with binance api trading

Is there a real difference between AI (artificial intelligence) vs machine learning and deep learning ? Check out this infographic or fun with binance api trading below. Let me know what you think Check out the details of my private webinar tomorrow at 12 noon tomorrow Eastern Daylight Time  tomorrow. This topic s on Live  […]

Q&A on Binance API trading webinar

I will cover question and answer over the 2 new private videos I posted in my ELITE membership. The topics include bBinance API trading which includes: Fun with Binance API trading More Fun with Binance API trading These are the end to end solutions for live trading with the Binance crypto currency trading exchange. . […]

New tips using Binance crypto currency bot tools and API

I talk about a new update in my Python Infrastructure course pertaining to a crypto bot tracking service, Binance desktop app, and differetnt market orders within theiir API. A 3 0 minute video has been added as a set of notes to help people out as they venture into implementing this course. Get the Python […]

Web scraping, Binance competitors and position manager tips

These topics came up on the private chat server for all my customers. I can demo potential web scraping with potential great crypto signalling services. Not only that, we can talk about the opinion of other crypto exchanges competing against Binance. Let’s do a webinar for all those interested Note that this will not be […]