Harmonic and Candle Patterns are back with Automated Head and Shoulders for crypto currency

These patterns are back from my early crypto currency report. I have implemented these back into my charts across all asset classes. These include crypto currency, forex, and CFDs. You will find literally hundreds of these alerts in the Analytics dashboard pages. This is all demonstrated in the video below. You can get more details on […]

Automated head and shoulders with other indicators reveal some algo trading gems among 300+ crypto coins

This 1+ hr video reveals a lot of using my recent automated head and shoulders in conjunction with the other indicators like Fibonacci, Moving Averages, Signal (from MA crosses), and Trend line. It looks like most crypto currencies are getting hammered lately but there is the odd gem in there. What you should take away […]

Automated head and shoulders webinar demo video replay

I have put last Wednesday video playback of the automated head and shoulders into my membership area which is here: http://quantlabs.net/academy/automated-head-and-shoulders-webinar-demo-video-replay/ Do realize that this video is replay is for my members only. You can see your various options below if you are interested in signing up. This video reveals that: 1. Yes there are […]

WOW 107 crypto currency pair scan of Binance reveal huge moves with automated Head and Shoulder

I must say I am like a proud day when I show some of these crypto currency pair moves. Just watch this video as I scanned over 107 pairs from Binance. It reveal some nice moves just from this one indicator I call automated head and shoulders with a green dot. This video explains it […]

Questions and Answers on automated head and shoulders with CCXT Python crypto currency 

  Here are the links and questions/comments including my popular automated head and shoulders Links https://www.interactivebrokers.co.in/en/index.php?f=2222&exch=nse https://github.com/ccxt/ccxt/tree/master/python New course!! Building Python algo trading system with Bitcoin an crypto currency focus   Shopping Cart Questions and Answers I would like to do algo trading in india for nse exchange using zerodha kite connect api, is it […]

Automated head and shoulders indicator webinar for May 23 at 7 PM EDT

I am doing yet another demo of my new automated head and shoulders indicator. I competed this a few days ago which really pinpoint market entry and exits for cryptocurrency trading opportunities. After my last Python script I highlighted for download, this one works with Bitcoin crypto market data, I have leveraged that power for […]

Demo of automated head and shoulders with XRB BTC hourly crypto currency data from Binance

Demo of automated head and shoulders with XRB BTC hourly crypto currency data from Binance This is a powerful indicator or trading patterns which is generated automatically. As explained in the data, I can only get this working with hourly data since it needs about 1000 data points. I can confirm it seems to download […]

Algo trading for effective automated or algo trading courses with Python

Here I describe all the latest courses with video description. There are a variety of courses listed which you can find here: (this include Interactive Brokers, Python , and algo trading) Courses include: Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency Interactive Brokers API Workshop Bootcamp in with Java Python C++ Redis demos Arbitrage Pair Trading […]