Weird Algo Strategies, Controversial Claims, and Exciting Website Updates!

Weird But Profitable: The NASDAQ WIERD Algo Strategy” First up, we have a fascinating concept from bettersystemtrader.com: the “WEIRD NASDAQ Algo Strategy.”


Today, we’re diving into two thought-provoking topics and sharing some exciting news about upcoming website changes.


Weird But Profitable: The NASDAQ WIERD Algo Strategy”

First up, we have a fascinating concept from bettersystemtrader.com: the “WEIRD NASDAQ Algo Strategy.” Now, the name itself might raise some eyebrows, but don’t let that deter you. This strategy, created by Thomas Nesnidal, promises to be both unconventional and potentially profitable.

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What makes it weird? We don’t have all the details yet, but there’s an accompanying video on YouTube where Mr. Nesnidal breaks it down. He even shares the source code, explained in a user-friendly way for TradeStation users.


Here’s the key takeaway: Don’t be afraid to explore unconventional strategies! They can be surprisingly effective, and Mr. Nesnidal highlights the strategy’s potential to work across multiple markets.


A Bold Claim: Jesus and the ETF Millionaire?


On the other end of the spectrum, we have a more controversial topic. There’s a video circulating that quotes Jesus and makes some bold claims about beating 99% of hedge fund managers. The creator goes on to advocate for learning programming in a short timeframe (three months!) and utilizing Robinhood to invest in high-performing ETFs, particularly those focused on big tech.


Now, there’s a lot to unpack here. While the religious reference might raise some red flags for some, the core message of using ETFs with a focus on tech giants is a valid discussion point.


Website Revamp: Custom-Coded Powerhouse for Investors


Moving on to some exciting news! I’m thrilled to announce a website revamp in the works. This will be a 100% custom-coded project using Python Django with Wagtail. It’s a big undertaking, but the potential is immense.


We’ve also migrated to a new web hosting provider, DigitalOcean, to ensure a smooth and reliable user experience.


Focus on News and Empowering Investors


The new website will have a much stronger focus on news. We’ll be covering a wider range of investment sectors, providing valuable insights and analyses. Additionally, there will be “free samples” available to generate content tailored to your specific needs.


Deep Scanning for High-Performing ETFs


I’m also excited to share my latest project: a deep scanning analysis for ETFs. This involves a global effort to categorize ETFs into their respective sectors. But it doesn’t stop there. This method goes beyond simple categorization and aims to identify the top performers based on profitability percentage and profit factor.


Transparency is key in the investment world, and I’m fully committed to that principle. To further build trust and share my learnings, I plan to sync my trading account with TraderSync. This will allow you to see my actual performance and gain valuable insights from my trades.


Discord Content Goes Public


The new website will also house a dedicated news section, bringing valuable content previously available only on my Discord channels to a wider audience. This will make the information more accessible and benefit a larger community.


Stay Tuned and Get Involved!


Thank you for tuning in! To learn more about the resources mentioned today, including my newsletter and trading PDFs, head over to quantlabs.net/books. We have exciting updates coming your way, so stay tuned!


Finally, as promised, I’ll address the break in podcasts. There were some technical challenges and personal commitments that needed attention. However, I’m back on track and energized to bring you even more valuable content!


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