In-Depth Analysis of Risk Model Quant in London

What’s the typical salary and bonus structure for a Quantitative Risk (Quant Risk) Model Management Associate position at Goldman Sachs in London, UK? This is In-Depth Analysis of Risk Model Quant in London
(Last Updated On: March 9, 2024)

Welcome to today’s discussion where our host, Brian, is answering a burning question about financial careers: What’s the typical salary and bonus structure for a Quantitative Risk (Quant Risk) Model Management Associate position at Goldman Sachs in London, UK? This is In-Depth Analysis of Risk Model Quant in London

In this podcast episode, we delve deep into an interesting question raised on Quantitative Finance at quant.stackexchange.com regarding salient financial compensation details at Goldman Sachs, a top global investment banking firm. This topic reveals invaluable information for anyone considering a career in quantitative risk model management.


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As Brian highlights, risk management is a crucial appointee in the financial services industry. While the role does not generate revenue and may not be as exciting as other positions, it plays a pivotal role in compliance and paperwork handling. As an entry-level quant risk manager, you can anticipate a base salary between £60,000 to £70,000 per year, with performance-based bonuses of an additional 10% to 20%.

We also find that compensation structures differ across various roles within the investment banking space. The ‘front office quant’ salary, for instance, can reach a hefty sum of around $120,000 to $150,000, with bonuses potentially tipping over 50% of the base figure. Comparatively, Salaries for quant roles in risk management, although lower than those of front-office positions, provide a comfortable life, especially when factoring in the UK’s average salary.

Brian further insights the listeners toward the job specifics that can significantly impact salaries. At Goldman Sachs, for example, a front office quant typically supports direct trade, while a Strategist quant contributes to trading strategies. The unique Goldman Sachs model has influenced many other investment banks to eventually follow suit.

Going on to discuss roles across varying experience levels, Brian shares that junior quant roles tend to pull in around 50 PA (per annum), while senior roles can generate up to a staggering 300 PA. Moreover, bonuses lean more generously towards the senior end with potential to double the annual salary.

This episode offers a promising understanding of the salary range for quants in risk model management in Goldman Sachs’ London office. Make sure to tune in and gain a scoop of career insights right from the financial world!





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