My Journey in Crypto Trading and Shifting Base – Podcast with Brian

Brian discusses his experiences with changing locations, and the shift of his data processing to a cloud-based system. Crypto trading is still active. 
(Last Updated On: February 29, 2024)

In this episode, Brian speaks to his listeners for the last time from his current location. Scheduled to relocate and set up his computer hardware at a temporary place till end-April, Brian discusses his experiences with changing locations, and the shift of his data processing to a cloud-based system. Crypto trading is still active.

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Despite the move, he updates listeners about the impressive performance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Brian mentions the positions he sold off two days prior, thinking Bitcoin would go flat, and his surprise at the steady momentum it has maintained. His system, he reveals, picked up other coins like Avalanche, Polygon, and Ethereum. He hopes these investments will see growth, and urges listeners to take advantage of the promising market.

Brian also notes the overall state of the markets, stating that his system is pinpointing sectors with good prospects despite vast market uncertainties. He observes potential growth in highly specific sectors such as healthcare and semiconductors. He also suggests that Forex space seems predictable for now.

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He wraps up by informing listeners about his exciting plans to explore futures and options trading and discussing the potential growth and benefits of his Discord server. He encourages listeners to join him on this platform and is thrilled about its expanding community of subscribers. The episode ends with Brian expressing a realistic yet hopeful vision for the future.


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