Leaving Canada for Better Prospects

In this podcast episode, the presenter, discusses his impending leaving Canada. He gives an honest and in-depth review of the current economic and political climate in the country.
(Last Updated On: February 22, 2024)

In this podcast episode, Brian, the presenter, discusses his impending leaving Canada. He gives an honest and in-depth review of the current economic and political climate in the country. Brian explains various issues, such as high taxes and growing debt, that have led him to believe that the citizens are being robbed. With references to the opinions of influential personalities like Jordan Peterson and Kevin O’Leary, Brian portrays a deteriorating nation.


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Brian then delves into his personal reasons for leaving, from rising crime rates to dwindling career prospects. He expresses his concerns about the impact of excessive taxes on his life and on the lives of others, particularly the less fortunate. Brian also makes a comparison between this situation and the last stages of infamous empires, specifically the Roman Empire, further highlighting the significant risks of staying.

While he ponders the potential of moving back to his home country, the UK, he expresses apprehension about the possibility of ending up in a similar situation as he currently is in Canada. He even takes it a step further and explains why he’s considering other jurisdictions, such as Ireland and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). While discussing these potential destinations, Brian paints Dubai, a city in the UAE, as a particularly attractive option, citing its safety, affordability, and the pleasant personal experiences of others who have moved there.

In this exploratory journey, Brian considers different aspects, such as freedom of religion in other places and even the presence of crime, using Mexico as an example. His objective is to plant seeds of potential alternatives for people who may also be dissatisfied with their current living conditions. Towards the end of the episode, Brian emphasizes the importance of looking at the brighter side of things, regardless of the situation. His episode serves as both a personal reflection and a potential source of inspiration for listeners hoping for change.


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