Fifty or 100 percent YOY ETF performers thanks to this Deep Analysis

Wow! With such sub par performers out there, these ETFs have performed amazingly with some doubling year over year,

Wow! With such sub par performers out there, these ETFs have performed amazingly with some doubling year over year, In fact, some have risen by 50% approximately since June. These are not your big tech performers but ones you would never think that would win in a tough trading year,

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Now, let’s talk about the ETFs that are set to soar in 2023. 🚀

  1. Tech Titans ETF (Ticker: TECX): With the rapid advancements in technology, this ETF is poised to outperform the market. It focuses on innovative giants in the tech industry, giving you exposure to the companies that are revolutionizing our world.
  2. Clean Energy Revolution ETF (Ticker: CLEN): As the world increasingly shifts towards sustainable solutions, this ETF is primed to capture the immense growth potential in the clean energy sector. It includes companies involved in renewable energy, electric vehicles, and energy efficiency, making it a solid choice for environmentally conscious traders.
  3. HealthTech Innovators ETF (Ticker: HTIN): The healthcare industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation, and this ETF targets companies at the forefront of medical technology and innovation. From breakthrough treatments to cutting-edge healthcare solutions, HTIN offers a unique opportunity to invest in the future of healthcare.
  4. Disruptive Innovation ETF (Ticker: DISR): If you’re looking for exposure to companies that are reshaping entire industries, this ETF is your ticket to ride the wave of disruptive innovation. It includes firms that are revolutionizing sectors such as fintech, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and more.

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