How to learn Python with ChatGPT AutoGPT LoopGPT

There are so many GPT versions while learn Python with ChatGPT OpenGPT and more.
(Last Updated On: April 19, 2023)

There are so many GPT versions while learn Python with ChatGPT and more.

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You can apparently build blockchain and dapps with this utility. This is a fairly simplified tutorial


This is open AI built on ChatGPT 4 which is growing faster than TensorFlow. This tutorial shows how to structure your data query. There is some credit system used as you use this tech. It is all built around Python with instructions. There are some prerequisites along with severe limitations.



Description of LoopGPT

LoopGPT is a re-implementation of the popular Auto-GPT project as a proper python package, written with modularity and extensibility in mind.


  • “Plug N Play” API – Extensible and modular “Pythonic” framework, not just a command line tool. Easy to add new features, integrations and custom agent capabilities, all from python code, no nasty config files!
  • GPT 3.5 friendly – Better results than Auto-GPT for those who don’t have GPT-4 access yet!
  • Minimal prompt overhead – Every token counts. We are continuously working on getting the best results with the least possible number of tokens…..


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