How to fight CBDC with Bitcoin blockchain nodes with MyNode

This is a lengthy but incomplete guide on how to fight CBDC with a Bitcoin blockchain node.
(Last Updated On: April 19, 2023)

This is a lengthy but incomplete guide on how to fight CBDC with a Bitcoin blockchain node. I just wanted to see what things would look like, Umbrel. I had significant difficulty getting things running with Umbrel. I gave up pretty fast on that worthless piece of software. I then tried MyNote to see if that would work. There are other projects as well, but all are commercial with pre-installed software to get running. Here is the instruction I used to get MyNode running somewhat:


Download the latest OVA file for a VM (virtual machine) mynodebtc.com/download

I got to the Debian login screen as indicated but I used NAT bridge networking option to get working on my VirtualBox

I was able to login but remember I am using the MyNode Community only.  Once started, you need to allow the Bitcoin Blockchain to synchronize.  If you read this


Note this:

Next, the device will begin syncing the Bitcoin Blockchain! This process can take 6+ days, depending on your device and your network bandwidth. The myNode web interface will show you the current status of synchronization. Once the initial sync is completed, the device will automatically stay synchronized with the Bitcoin network and display the main application page.


Remember I am playing around with this, so I might not have 6+ days to wait around. I want to see if this works.

This is where it is left incomplete for now.

This must be only for educational purposes. If you live in a region where you must declare all your crypto endeavors to your local tax authority, please follow all the laws. I am not encouraging any form of tax evasion here. 

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