Could Bloomberg GPT replace all financial analysts

Bloomberg GPT replace all financial analysts. so no more of us needed 

Bloomberg GPT replace all financial analysts. so no more of us needed

A community member believes that if Bloomberg’s new AI works, it could potentially replace financial analysts.

  • Could this really happen?



Latest quotes:

According to the media outlet, the AI has been created to perform various natural language processing tasks after training with a large financial data set.

” Meanwhile, another community said that if the AI works as intended, it may replace financial analysts. “If this thing works, financial analysts are pretty much done,” they tweeted.



On Linkedin:

…  released a research paper detailing the development of BloombergGPT, a new large-scale generative artificial intelligence (AI) model. This large language model (LLM) has been specifically trained on a wide range of financial data to support a diverse set of natural language processing (NLP) tasks within the financial industry.

Reearch paper in link



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