What now to use instead of OpenBB the Bloomberg killer

I wanted to take OpenBB seriously last year but after the crazy last few months. I will pass on this project now
(Last Updated On: March 10, 2023)


I wanted to take OpenBB (aka the Bloomberg killer open-source software project) seriously last year but after the crazy last few months. I will pass on this project now. Here is why:

It is not open source in the truest sense as it is more freemium

New minor OpennBB releases seem to prevent prior versions from running at all. Is this bastardization to force people onto the new latest version? Microsoft was well known for doing this. Are they purposely crippling each iteration of prior releases? From my experience, this is what I have seen for the last three months. This is a dangerous way to manage a substantial project people are trying to build an ecosystem around. As each iteration of releases happens with code-breaking, you lose faith in the overall project where; you cannot trust it.  This is a sinister way to build a so-called open-source community, so I bowed out.

Sample code from their SDK constantly changes, including removing old functions that prevent current Python scripts from warning. As expected in Python or Java projects, there seems to be no deprecation warning.   They need a mature adult to run this software company and project.


I don’t watch it come off as ingrate for using free software. If this software project evolved into something serious, I would have gladly paid the $99./month to continue using it. I don’t use software like this after you lose faith.

I have worked with many WordPress plugins that cripple the functionality and hold your data hostage until they get paid on their next subscription payment. As said, this is a dangerous way to operate, leading you not to trust the software. I advise avoiding software projects like this as if they were a plague.

Once I find an alternative to work with this software, I will most likely not return to using it; You lose me once the trust is broken.

I wonder if this was the vision that  Open Source Capital had when they handed OpenBB over $8 million for investment. oss.capital



Alternative solutions that seem to work

I have decided to replace the OpenBB with Python packages and solutions. It depends on the asset class you focus on as well. I focus on stock/equity, which has the most features used in OpenBB. These are all TRUE open-source projects:

tradingview-ta · PyPI.


fundamentalanalysis · PyPI


Use Financial Modelling Prep for decent and affordable solutions on fundamental data financialmodelingprep.com

Their programming language support is extensive, with excellent-provided coding samples.

ChatGPT API in Python

ChatGPT API in Python – Complete Tutorial for Beginners – YouTube

Learn how to run your own bank banking2 – QUANTLABS.NET



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