How to buy Bitcoin on eToro

How to buy Bitcoin on eToro with advanced charts

How to buy Bitcoin on eToro with advanced charts

Bitcoin is based on proof of work which is environmentally unfriendly.

With eToro, you can make an open trade no different than another instrument. This exchange/broker selling in sells bitcoin.  A bank transfer is needed by depositing previously necessary to create an account on eToro. This means you will go through a know-your-customer check.

Another way to access Bitcoin is Bitcoin Depmore; the more straightforward way is to gain access to the bitcoin network via ATMs. ATMs can be used if your area has them. Do understand that ATMs charge excessive transfer feed of up to 6%.  Bitcoin ATMs operate in many places, including 2 in my area alone.


If you want to know, this is how bitcoin mining works.  Ma and Pop bitcoin miners appear to make no money compared to the stock lister players. Experts claim you don’t need a powerful computer.

I have included some charts, which you can find below.  This will give you an overview of where Bitcoin is going for speculating and trading.


Bitcoin Historical



Bitcoin Historical data

Historical over the last year.


Check out the latest building, which has been driving up the price of Bitcoin and makes it different where it needs sustainable long-term upward momentum.

Bitcoin Sentiment

It has been getting positive over the last few weeks in the current month of March.

Bitcoin Sentiment

Aroon Oscillator

As you can see in this technical analysis indicator, an up-buy is reliable once the up buy signal hits 100. This just has happened currently. The hard part is to curse Down movement, which occurs quite frequently.


Aroon Oscillator

Fibonacci Retracement

Note how far off the current Bitcoin price is from the Fib red trend line. It needs long-term momentum to drive the price up to cross that trend.


Here is some recent published info

Published news

domain title Negative votes Positive votes link
2023-03-16 coindesk.com The Graph’s GRT Rallies 15% Amid AI Token Surge 0 0 https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895836/The-Graphs-GRT-Rallies-15-Amid-AI-Token-Surge”>https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895836/The-Graphs-GRT-Rallies-15-Amid-AI-Token-Surge
2023-03-16 newsbtc.com Galaxy Digital CEO Recommends Buying Crypto And Bitcoin Amid US\nCredit Crunch 0 1 www.cryptopanic.com/news/17895402/Galaxy-Digital-CEO-Recommends-Buying-Crypto-And-Bitcoin-Amid-US-Credit-Crunch
2023-03-16 beincrypto.com These AI Coins Could Show Great Potential in the Coming Weeks 0 0 https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895436/These-AI-Coins-Could-Show-Great-Potential-in-the-Coming-Weeks
2023-03-16 cryptonews.com Today in Crypto: 45% Jump in Payment Fraud Attacks on Crypto Exchanges, Court Rejects Reason to Halt Binance.US’ Acquisition of\nVoyager, India & UAE Partner on CBDC Plans, Xapo Bank Integrates with the Faster Payment System 0 0 https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895518/Today-in-Crypto-45-Jump-in-Payment-Fraud-Attacks-on-Crypto-Exchanges-Court-Rejects-Reason-to-Halt-BinanceUS-Acquisition-of-Voyager-India-UAE-Partner-on-CBDC-Plans-Xapo-Bank-Integrates-with-the-Faster-Payment-System”>https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895518/Today-in-Crypto-45-Jump-in-Payment-Fraud-Attacks-on-Crypto-Exchanges-Court-Rejects-Reason-to-Halt-BinanceUS-Acquisition-of-Voyager-India-UAE-Partner-on-CBDC-Plans-Xapo-Bank-Integrates-with-the-Faster-Payment-System
2023-03-16 cointelegraph.com Crypto mining in 2023 — Is it still worth it? Watch Market Talks 0 0 https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895423/Crypto-mining-in-2023-Is-it-still-worth-it-Watch-Market-Talks”>https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895423/Crypto-mining-in-2023-Is-it-still-worth-it-Watch-Market-Talks
2023-03-16 cryptopotato.com Here’s the Target Date for Ethereum’s Shanghai Hard Fork 0 0 https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895424/Heres-the-Target-Date-for-Ethereums-Shanghai-Hard-Fork”>https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895424/Heres-the-Target-Date-for-Ethereums-Shanghai-Hard-Fork
2023-03-16 theblock.co Sam Altman’s Worldcoin signs outsourcing deal to ramp up\nproduction of iris-scanning orbs 0 0 https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895427/Sam-Altmans-Worldcoin-signs-outsourcing-deal-to-ramp-up-production-of-iris-scanning-orbs”>https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895427/Sam-Altmans-Worldcoin-signs-outsourcing-deal-to-ramp-up-production-of-iris-scanning-orbs
2023-03-16 theblock.co Blockchain Association seeks documents on crypto ‘de-banking’ from\nFDIC, Fed 0 0 https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895444/Blockchain-Association-seeks-documents-on-crypto-de-banking-from-FDIC-Fed”>https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895444/Blockchain-Association-seeks-documents-on-crypto-de-banking-from-FDIC-Fed
2023-03-16 cointelegraph.com India, UAE to explore CBDC bridge to facilitate trade, remittances without USD 0 1 https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895382/India-UAE-to-explore-CBDC-bridge-to-facilitate-trade-remittances-without-USD”>https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895382/India-UAE-to-explore-CBDC-bridge-to-facilitate-trade-remittances-without-USD
2023-03-16 bitcoinist.com Crypto Faces Banking Woes, This Non-Profit Presses Government for\nAnswers 0 0 https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895438/Crypto-Faces-Banking-Woes-This-Non-Profit-Presses-Government-for-Answers”>https://cryptopanic.com/news/17895438/Crypto-Faces-Banking-Woes-This-Non-Profit-Presses-Government-for-Answers


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