How to beat the Markets trading course outline

I have compiled a summary of the highlights of this new ‘How to beat the Market’ course. This includes: these sections:

I have compiled a summary of the highlights of this new ‘How to beat the Market’ trading course. This includes: these sections:

  • Basics on how to connect Kraken to MW with API and secret keys


  • Basics to set up Oanda forex broker with MotiveWave.


  • The Joys of Interactive Brokers (IBKR)


  • Trading pattern based on timing I look for.


  • Study vs. automated trading strategy with optimal timing


  • Where to go when things go bad


  • How set up a trading bot with MotiveWave for any supported broker exchange


This course is now posted and live for you to learn right now!

Benefits include:

  • Coverage of the fast-moving crypto market with the reputable exchange of Kraken. MotiveWave also supports Binance and Coinbase if you wanted
  • 24/7 trading bots with the source with Elite membership

I will be putting together two promotions with generous discounts,
I am also thinking of doing a live in-take workshop starting first of April.

You can hear the latest podcast of last night’s webinar on this last night.


Go here for more details.

Quant Analytics

Quant Elite for source code

(These pages will be updated later today)

If you are interested in any of this, let me know right away.


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