How to IBKR trading with dxFeed data for MotiveWave

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2023)

I have had severe issues relying on IBKR trading for data only with USA stocks. I would not recommend this at all. If you want to use IBKR as the broker to execute trades with a decent data provider, you could use dxFeed out of Germany as they are affordable at USD 49 per month.

When setting up, use this link with MotiveWave being the chosen app

dxFeed MotiveWave – dxFeed Market Data

Goto the pricing menu

New order — get.dxfeed.com

Look for the option of: Consolidated US Equities Level 1 (NBBO)

Sign up with dxFeed and subscribe. Once done, use this link to set up MotiveWave with IBKR and dxFeed properly.  Use the set up option from Sawyer to get working.

IB data & dxFeed | MotiveWave User Forum

I have confirmed manual trades should go through now when IBKR TraderWorkstation is running in the background.  When loading up charts, ensure they are freshest being up to date.

You will rely into all kind of performance issues loading chart if you rely on IBKR as this is not wise.

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