ChatGPT Desktop Webview GUI app with Python Qt

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2023)


I have not posted about this hot topic of ChatGPT. This is an exciting intro ChatGPT Desktop project build with Qt5 and Python along with this project’s author description:

Is a Private ChatGPT Desktop Webview app made with QtWebView.


  1. Private doesn’t make any connections to Google, Mozilla, or Microsoft, Brave unless you login via Google etc..

  2. Light Weight.

  3. Page reloading can be done using a simple Right-click Reload if ChatGPT gets stuck/errors out.

  4. Zoom in or out to configure text size.

  5. Supports back button.

  6. User-Agent is adjustable but not implemented by default see source code.

Compiled as a windows executable only using pyinstaller check releases or self compile.

You can Recommend extra features by opening a new issue on Github.

Also, as this author says, it is a good project to learn from

Made it mainly because it opens directly at a fixed window size so the user can just ask away fast. The other good thing is that it’s private. Browsers and installed addons cannot read what your typing and there are no outgoing connections being made to any domain other than chat.openai.com

I tried implementing a speech recognition button with some javascript that takes a user voice input and pastes the result directly into the text input html element but failed due to library limitations and my limited knowledge in Javascript. So i decided to just post it on Github hoping that it might be useful to someone.

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ChatGPT-Desktop-Webview GUI app. : Python (reddit.com)

GitHub – 7gxycn08/ChatGPT-Desktop-Webview: Private ChatGPT Desktop Webview app made with QtWebView.

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