Black Friday offer CRUCIAL notification

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

As I hinted on my private chat server, I am looking to drastically increase all my fees with this Black Friday offer. The above link will be the most affordable for now. If you buy into it, you will be PERMANENTLY GRANDFATHERED into it.


All fees will be ‘affordable’ with a minimum service on at an annual basis $500. As a result, I would strongly encourage you to join right away!!


I have also researched other pro investor services. I am using this one as a role model but he only offers mining penny stocks.




I offer a lot more than this guy. My features including for those willing to work:

1. Automated trading strategies including source on the #1 retail trading platform MotiveWave. Wait until you see their mobile app. Life will get good with this thing.


2. Stock picks along with NOW live trading in Crypto and Forex! I will soon add a third-party service for REAL TIME VERIFICATION. This enhances credibility to virtually top dog. Even this Lobo’ only provides his how own track record with no verified service.


3. You can read about this guys reasons for premium pricing. If you get in good with hedge funds, you can charge thousands per firm each month your analytic market research.

4. If you get good, you can charge use this credibility to leverage these fees. Have you seen my SeekingAlpha profile lately. It has more than doubled over the last week so I no longer rely on social media to serve those that do not value this research. Laziness will bankrupt those in this upcoming severe recession coming. You can always look at my TipRanks with a 55% success rate and average return of -1.8%. How is your trading going this year?



5. See what I am saying, my fees are going up and up and up and away! This means I might start meging everything in 1 membership level. This will be $1000 minimum per quarter with $3000 minimum annually. I will have an ‘affordable’ but downgraded annual membership at $67 per month. It might be more at $97/month eventually.

So after all that long explanation, I will offer everything I do for 1 price for 1 year at $997/per year. If you want to continue, I am sure I can keep this price affordable from here on out.

This is my Black Friday offer until the weekend of Nov 26.


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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