NFT Shopify third party apps are useless (no quite)

(Last Updated On: October 30, 2022)


UPDATE: I got a message from the CEO of Novel who saw my review. It looks like he will try to fix me up to get this solution working with SHopify and NFT. I will post here once there is a solution. This could be my next webinar topic this Thur Nov 3 at 7PM EDT.

What trash this NFT experience has been with Shopify third party apps. None of their suggested apps do not work for NFT. They are flaky or do not work as advertised. I tried 3 including Novel, Shopthru, and more. Others wanted me to talk to them before they unlock the features. One wanted a trial while others wanted $50/month with minimal features.

I have a better understanding of it where I could use Metamask easily with Opensea. I was able to mint an NFT on OpenSea relatively easily. There is definite value for crypto in this NFT space with the likes of Open sea and Metamask. It builds the utility of these crypto coins, blockchains, and network ecosystems. As a result, the participating coins add value because of this.

The problem is to the token gate with Shopify 3rd party apps. At this point, these Shopify 3rd party apps are useless. I lose faith in Shopify with its false promises to deploy these useless apps. Unless you want to spend at least $500 consultation with Novel, you go nowhere. There are other off-the-chart monthly costs from other providers. Some want you to be on Shopify Plus which is pricey. I left some brutally honest reviews on some of these Shopify apps based on my experience.

As it stands, there is one last Shopify app I am hoping will work called Taco. I have some free NFTs they need to manually check to see if I am valid. I get that so this could be a potential app that may work. The monthly cost is reasonable at $25 with no higher tier. There appear to be no limits use of campaigns or NFT. We shall see on this but I still have to wait days for the first NFT approval.

The lack of 24/7 hr support really makes these 3rd party apps not ready prime time. I can work off working hours weird time so I like access to people to help when I need it. Not on their time, especially if I am paying a monthly cost.

To use this, I would need Shopify to build a useful, easy-to-use, reliable working app. If not, this NFT stuff is worthless on Shopify. However, I do NOW see the potential of it. This is where the value of crypto is, but it is so not consumer friendly; it has no hope of working or getting adopted.

I like to code but not on stuff that could go nowhere fast unless it gets friendlier. The only company I can trust to get it right is Kraken. They are not live yet, but it is coming, so you got to be on some waitlist. It looks like that will only be cartoon NFT artwork we know.

I may look at some WordPress pluginspluginsthe equivalent. I checked various pluginspluginsy are wonky as well—no mention of potential bot defending, which some Shopify apps did. Call me confused, but this whole NFT access isn’t worth the effort. I would even say both these WP pluginspluginsopify apps don’t mention security much at all, so I am led not to trust them. It would be best if you had a corporate-grade-level plug-inplugin to protect your sites.


As said above, I will wait to see if this Taco approval comes through.  It seems to accept my NFT found on OpenSea, so we shall see

At least I tried at this point.

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