Free NFT airdrops coming for Metamask OpenWallet

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2022)

Free NFT airdrops coming for Metamask OpenWallet, even Coinbase

A new set of NFT collections might come in a few days to weeks. I just signed up for a no-code service to start uploading reports, files, videos, etc., for potential NFT distribution. These could be free with limited airdrops or chargeable exclusive products. I will be exploring this immensely!

The Web3 NFT service I have chosen will walk you through the ability to create a digital crypto wallet for access to this content. It seems pretty easy for all newbies to this world, but it is the early days of this coming digital revolution. This will support popular crypto or digital wallet choices of Metamask, OpenWallet, and even Coinbase.

These are exciting times for me to distribute digital content with a click of a few buttons for access. This can also be done via your phone!

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