Why Algo Trading is the Future of Investing

Algo trading is the future for investing

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2022)

Why Algo Trading is the Future of Investing


Many will not like these headlines. Get used to it ‘bit*hes’! As I move towards an improvement in my insights with trading with Seeking Alpha, I am becoming more value-based by using customized research tools for better understanding. My latest argument with this article proves that.


These seething REIT bugs don’t like when their previous REIT trust drops over 20% in 2 months. They are so blind-sighted by one newsletter source thinking REITs will make them go from rags to riches. Read my comment to showcase how easy it is blow holes through their theories. All this is from these custom Python custom scripts that give me the insights, Humans are getting eaten alive with poor investment decisions but having the coding skills puts you light years ahead of these poor sheeple investors who are most likely get slaughtered.

I have not even addressed how high-speed traders slice and dice all trading opportunities for most retail traders and mom-and-pop capital firms. Is there a solution? Hell yeah, I got one solution, but your success is determined by something I created

Automated trading (non programming) for Forex Crypto Equity

Oh, shock and horror how dare I self-promote You know what? Send me some dollars help feed my little rescue chiuahaha


If you are cheapskate, you can always join here for a free PDF https://quantlabs.net/books/



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