Open source Bloomberg machine learning demo

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2022)

Here are 3 demo video to show an open source Bloomberg competitor (OpenBB) with some machine learning software demo tools  for prediction. See all the helpful links at the bottom.

Watch in this order

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machine language software with OpenBB aka open source Bloomberg As I continue with OpenBB demo, I cover installation on WIndows via Ubuntu Linux subsystem in Python. Also, I show a small demo on how the OpenBB Prediction module using various machine learning techniques. I show the start demo of installing Docker before I got logged out which disrupted my demo.

machine learning software tools demo with OpenBB aka open source Bloomberg

machine learning software tools demo with OpenBB installation I made a demo machine learning demo prediction part of OpenBB. This is an open source alternative Bloomberg terminal research platform. I cover how to install this platform on WIndows 11 in Ubuntu Linux subsystem.

machine language software with Docker and OpenBB aka open source Bloomberg

machine language software with OpenBB aka open source Bloomberg There is a set of errors trying to install this OpenBB so only watch this if you want to learn from this. You need to follow ALL instructions and install Anaconda 3 not 2! Watch the other videos my OpenBB playlist.

OpenBBTerminal/test_etf_pred.openbb at main · OpenBB-finance/OpenBBTerminal · GitHub

apt – How to install Anaconda on Ubuntu? – Ask Ubuntu

Installing on Linux — Anaconda documentation

OpenBBTerminal/README.md at main · OpenBB-finance/OpenBBTerminal · GitHub

OpenBB Terminal | OpenBB






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