How to do automated trading? Investing with fx or crypto

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2022)

how to do automated trading Investing with fx or crypto

This important to understand as we move into uncertan economic conditions. It is critical under automated trading. This master class will help yoy get there . Get access here:

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Course details


Intro and welcome

Using Jstock
Jstock tips and less 15 dollar USA stock
10 minute video
Jstock to build indicator to generate CSV from scan
Sample indicators to download

Playing With Trade Ideas For StockPicks
1:23 hour video
Using Trade Ideas Demo To Pick Stock Pre Market

Demos of usage videos 2×1 hr videos, 9 minute video
Feb 14 with some profit (last trial day with Trade Ideas) 39 minut video

MotiveWave Tips and Tricks
MotiveWave Features Studies (Indicators) and Strategies
MotiveWave Features Highlighted (From Trade Like a Boss DVD) 1hr 1 minute
MotiveWave tips and tricks video 20 minute
Perfect SMA combos for day trading 54 minutes
MotiveWave volume profit on forex 1 minute data
5 minute
MotiveWave trading platform gauges intro 6 minute
MotiveWave optimize with back test or walk forward 11 minute

Backtest is ultimate tool to asset a algo trading strategy 1hr
ELLIOT waves don’t work compared to Harmonics 13 minute
Hurst Cycles appear to work when estimating solid entry 8 minute
MotiveWave templates will save you so much time 3 minute
MotiveWave powerful Harmonic and Elliot Wave scan feature 15 minutes
MotiveWave alert sample email and chart 12 minutes
AWESOME Volume and Order Flow Analysis and Hurst Cycles in MotiveWave 50 minutes
AMA webinar on walk forward back on forex or USA stock tonight 2 minutes
Introducing MotiveWave repository for my analysis files 6 minutes
MotiveWave ATR or trail stop loss 31 minutes
MotiveWave does VWAP 14 minutes
Scan with multiple indicators for optimal performing trading instruments 15 minutes
Our VWAP strategy 1 hr 40 minutes
Optional MotiveWave Programming from Trade Like a Boss DVD 1 hr

Forex Trading
MotiveWave study for forex pair with indicators I like 51 minute
Downloading thousands of forex data points for backtesting 9 minute
live sign for forex and cryptocurrency webinar 1 hr 52 minute
Watchlist creatiion and pick long term winners for 2022 23 minute

Crypto currency
Download thousands of data points for backtesting cryptocurrency with MotiveWave 12 minute
Webinar on Emini micro vs crypto trading ideas 1 hr 55 minute
Live trading orders in cryptocurrency with MotiveWave via Bitstamp 14 minute

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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