Coinbase CEO warns of long crypto winter

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2022)

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong warns investors to buckle in for a long crypto winter

This guy is a general creep with intention to rip off customers as well charging highest commissions. Their customer service sucks. Anyhow, he is right about one thing but I prefer these days vs high sharing fiat world.

Most of the company’s revenue is tied to trading volumes on its crypto exchange, but Armstrong said Coinbase is increasingly moving its business toward what he called “subscription and services,” which could help bring more consistency to the company’s financials. Subscriptions and services now make up 18% of the company’s revenue, he said.

“I’d like to get to a place where more than 50% of our revenue is subscription and services,” he told CNBC.

Even Coinbase faces a class action lawsuit from happy customers


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Even tiny Bitstamp cEO says there is a crypto winter coming as well

Crypto Winter a building opportunity- Bitstamp CEO


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