medallion fund jim simons: Can you replicate this for a 17 year old

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2022)

medallion fund Jim Simons. Can you replicate this for 17 year old? What does he need to get investors if he had a Medallion fund equivalent? To repeat the same performance of Jim Simons might be a little hard to duplicate. This student wanted to know to start a hedge fund. I answer him as best as I could.

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Here was the email from this student :

I’m a 17-year-old computer scientist student from France and I want to get into trading/investing.
If my goal was to set up something like the medallion fund, how would you do it in my age?
I know their strategy etc. is secret, but just if you were me by and be 17 again-  and your goal was to start your own fund at some point which performs 50% annualized and more. How would you go about and do it?
I guess finish studying, trying to get into a good quant fund, but maybe with your expertise you have a better tip for me.
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