Live post as I research this dxFeed for MotiveWave

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2022)

This is a Live post as I research this dxFeed for MotiveWave.

I got this dxFeed working with MotiveWave on Linux so see insutructions below


Note i went this IQFeed for now. It seems dxFeed/Bookmap for Motivewave only works with futures or options data. I am looking to use for equity for ETF. You might want to learn from this link below if you want to install IqFeed for Linux


IQFeed client for Linux Wine tips or VMware virtualization

DxFeed for MotiveWave





Difference of ETF vs underlying future



Python or R API





Make sure you get your portfolio evaluation https://quantlabs.net/portfolio

I posted this at the Private Chat Server at https://quantlabs.info/

i am finding to too many restriction using IQFeed since they are based out of the USA. i am looking into dxFeed as they seem either cheaper or same prioce. they are based out of Germany as well so that may help


To get dxFeed working with MotiveWave on Linux

Visit https://dxfeed.com/platforms/dxfeed-motivewave/


Place order and make sure you are choosing the app of MotiveWave to work https://get.dxfeed.com/orders/new/motivewave

I chose:

Consolidated US Equities Level 1 (NBBO)  under US Equities which is $49 per month

Here is a selection of equity packages you can get https://dxfeed.com/market-data/equities-etfs/

Get your portfolio evaluated here https://quantlabs.net/portfolio/





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