Is this an open source Bloomberg terminal Python killer

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2022)

Is this a dream? A real open source Bloomberg terminal in Python. This is a huge deal. I am not going into it but here are the resources I dug up. Whoever came up with this should be sent a major case of beer from every user!!  Remember the estimated const is something like depending on the features you want:

$6000/month for 1 Bloomberg terminal with a 5-year term.



NOTE: I hear the one-click options for Windows work fine. The build options fails if you are trying to build for Linux (eg. Mint) using the Docker or Python build options. It seems there are Python package conflicts are whatever. If they want Linux users to adopt, they need to create one-click building options. Until then, I won’t be using it!

Bloomberg Terminal for pythonistas from Python

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Gainers https://openbb-finance.github.io/OpenBBTerminal/terminal/etf/disc/gainers/





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