dxFeed Python demo works with instructions

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2022)

I can confirm this dxfeed Python API demo does work with instructions. dxFeed is an affordable market data feed. that can work even on Linux

Visit this link


You don’t need an account where you can use the demo server. It is quite affordable and also works with MotiveWave.

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See the bottom for official words from dxFeed Retail support.




API support details https://dxfeed-retail.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4403200046103-Unable-to-log-in-with-my-credentials


More API to connect under B2B2C tab on the left https://kb.dxfeed.com/en/data-access/b2b2c-service-overview.html#for-java-api-44740

Also there Data Access https://kb.dxfeed.com/en/data-access/token-based-authorization.html#python-implementation

Endpoint developer doc https://docs.dxfeed.com/dxfeed/api/com/dxfeed/api/DXEndpoint.html

Something like

DXFeed feed = DXEndpoint.create() .user("demo").password("demo") .connect("demo.dxfeed.com:7300") .getFeed();

You can sign in here once you are a customer https://get.dxfeed.com/

Read the endpoint.py comment? https://github.com/dxFeed/dxfeed-python-api/blob/master/dxfeed/wrappers/endpoint.py


These are the official words from dxFeed Retail support about their API:

At the moment on dxfeed.com you can find only the API solutions that are part of the offer for business customers. It is a dedicated service tailored upon request and targeted to the business demands.

Since the Python API is not a part of the dxFeed Retail offer, I’m afraid we, at dxFeed Retail Support, cannot provide you with detailed information about available API solutions or their pricing.

As mentioned earlier, the prices for basic data access via an API start at $500 per month. However, if you are interested in such a solution, you’ll need to discuss your specific needs with sales@dxfeed.com directly.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

This particular script does work


import dxfeed as dx
from datetime import datetime # for timed subscription
endpoint = dx.Endpoint('demo.dxfeed.com:7300')

input('press a key....')

print(f'Connected address: {endpoint.address}')
print(f'Connection status: {endpoint.connection_status}')

input('press a key....')

trade_sub = endpoint.create_subscription('Trade')

trade_handler = dx.DefaultHandler()

trade_sub = trade_sub.add_symbols(['C', 'IBM'])

tns_sub = endpoint.create_subscription('TimeAndSale', date_time=datetime.now()) \

candle_sub = endpoint.create_subscription('Candle', date_time='2020-04-16 13:05')
candle_sub = candle_sub.add_symbols(['AAPL{=d}', 'MSFT{=d}'])

tns_handler = tns_sub.get_event_handler()
candle_handler = candle_sub.get_event_handler()

print(f'TimeAndSale subscription event type: {tns_sub.event_type}')
print(f'Candle subscription event type: {candle_sub.event_type}')
print(f'Candle subscription symbols: {candle_sub.symbols}')

input('press a key....')

print(f'Trade columns: {trade_handler.columns}')
print(f'Candle columns: {candle_handler.columns}')

input('press a key....')

input('press a key....')

input('press a key....')


print(f'Connection status: {endpoint.connection_status}')

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