Citadel quant and ex-algo trading MD resurface in digital assets

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2022)

This talent was former head of machine learning in algo trading at a large trading firm. This also includes Citadel. ALl of the sudden, this person started a crypto firm. She referred to it as:

Just don’t call it crypto, though.

“We’re targeting institutional clients and so we refer to digital assets,” says Katia Babbar, co-founder of Immersive Finance, a new derivatives platform for the crypto industry. “We’re building a risk management system for digital assets and decentralized finance.”…


“Before the crash, spreads were good and it was less necessary to be diligent about risk management. Now, we’re in a different scenario where looking at risk is paramount.” The founders for failed crypto hedge fund 3 Arrows Capital would undoubtedly agree: “Risk departments were very relaxed about like the kind of risks that we were taking,” they told Bloomberg last week.


It is digital assets not crypto no more

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