Articles posted in C++ Algo Traders Telegram group run by this HFT dev

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2022)

I have nothing to do with this Telegram outside of being a reader. This is organzied with these article posted  by a high profile HFT C++ developer out of London UK. Here are some of the more interesting articles posted lately. This is person is Richard Hickling who runs ProfitVIew.


Just search “C++ Algo Traders ” on Telegram to find it. This same admin runs Profitview.com


FX Swap: World’s 1st Crypto Margined Perpetual Foreign Exchange Swap

On its Way: The World’s First Crypto-Margined Perpetual FX Swap

Interesting articles posted in this group



Hedging long only portfolios using Structural Entropy. | by Pravin Bezwada | Jul, 2022 | Dev Genius

GitHub – Omyyyy/pycom: A Python compiler, down to native code, using C++


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