Stable coin problems of Circle USDC and Tether USDT

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2022)

Circle’s USDC Surpasses Tether’s USDT, Here’s How


https://coingape.com/circles-usdc-surpasses-tethers-usdt-heres-how/This is a complete joke Circle USDC there is no blacklist to block users. Tether USDT has so many red flags. These will be the next set of catalysts to scare people to use in USDT. Don’t forget that Binance trades a lot in Tether USDT.

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Circle CEO fails to dismiss allegations USDC users can be blocked

Circle’s USDC Surpasses Tether’s USDT, Here’s How

Tether Faces Ransom Demand and Massive Denial of Service Attack, According to CTO Paolo Ardoino

Circle’s USDC Surpasses Tether’s USDT, Here’s How

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