monero cryptocurrency is last true hedge

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2022)

monero cryptocurrency is the last true hedge. Monero is the only cryptocurrency that seems to offer to be the last real hedge out there. It is anonymous and private, unlike the rest. It also has the same original spirit as when Bitcoin was created.

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Monero appears to be the only last hedge among all tradeable instruments across the financial space. This altcoin is still volatile compared to most coins, but there can be a massive upswing compared to most cryptocurrency coins and tokens. After trying to avoid the volatility of {{1057391|Bitcoin}} and {{1058142|Ethereum}}, this coin seems to be the last hedge out there. One thing to consider is that Monero could be HODLed (Hang on for Dear Life) long-term.

Some will criticize Monero as a haven for criminals, which should be avoided. Most investors don’t realize that the US dollar is involved in about 4% of illicit transactions worldwide. If you want to make returns long run, you might want to consider this coin. Unfortunately, if you do worry about it, this coin is not for you. Remember that Monero is a private coin that also makes it anonymous, which many regulators do not like. Another coin to watch is Zcash which has the same principles as Monero.

As you can see in this video, Monero has upswings that can double versus the other 1000+ coins. Bitcoin and Ether can have huge upswings but then downswings 24 hours later. This is what makes it much more complicated to trade cryptocurrency.

In this same video, I analyze some other top-performing coins, but it is very evident that Monero seems to have the most substantial upswings. This includes {{1031333|Bitcoin Cash}} and Bitcoin. However, always remember these views can quickly change due to the fast-moving crypto markets over the last few months!

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