Get these 2x Sharpe Ratio returns of trading baskets NOW

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2022)

As the global markets and significant assets continue to draw down over the last few months, I have decided to focus on the latest trading baskets. Some of these generate over 2.5 Sharpe Ratio, which is considered vital. This is another saying these same baskets can generate 3x annual returns.

A top-performing Chartered Financial Analyst from a Big 5 Canadian bank has verified this workflow:

Thanks for sharing. Very impressive indeed. Is this a currency and commodity account that you are self-managing? Returns are certainly impressive, despite some intra period Volatility as I note a 1-day return in the period of -34%! Despite that, you’ve certainly generated some exceptional numbers…..

Looks like some Currency cross trades and a few commodity and related index exposures. The returns do look accurate based on the below trades.


As a result, I am introducing the Quant Analytics membership so you can access these. I plan to post these multiple times a week or even daily. It depends on you.

I also plan to do more private live trading sessions for those who would be interested in this. Just let me know.

There are two options to join this service. The most affordable is to sign up for our monthly option at an affordable rate.

Check it out here:


Eventually, this will go up to $97 per month, but you can get grandfathered permanently.

You get it at this low rate of $47!

This is the more expensive option with more details of the benefits of this membership:



Thanks, Bryan

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