28 year old asks if computational finance is a good choice

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2022)


Algorithmic Trading: I am 28 years old and I am interested in a career in computational finance. Is this a good choice?

Answers that got my attention:

I’m an economist (econometrician). When I was 28, back in 2008, I left the industry to start computational finance at UCL. The opportunity cost had become lower than ever. I got the CEO in Europe of Renaissance Technologies to supervise my MRes dissertation. I picked the right job aligned with my PhD Thesis – market making of ETFs at a tier 2 bank. I wanted to prove computational finance boiled down to judgement rather than budget. Got several awards on the thesis and the award to the best trading platform in Europe at the bank. Thereon, I kept on with my own deep tech startup.

Now, I have ML tech I didn’t dream of, my own Centre of Excellence and we’re starting to exploit it across a number of clients that include banks, energy companies… up to agro and health SMEs.

Sure, why not? When I was 28 y.o., I hadn’t traded a single share of stocks in my life. For the next ten years, I did nothing but lose money in the market. Only in the past 8 years did I finally reach consistent profitability with quantitative strategies.

Expect a long, hard road ahead, but it can be done.

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