CME over DYDX decentralized crypto exchange

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2022)

I am looking to future trading with CME vs. DYDX decentralized crypto exchange. After careful reviewing, I am starting to think DYDX might be a scam based on this Reddit posting:



Some posts:

For example, look at recent events. People have tokens stuck in the safety pool and want a 10% compensation. The proposal was not passed, and their tokens are still stuck.

The team stated several times that token holders should not expect revenue share. The smart contract cannot be modified. Expecting revenue from a token is like expecting a dividend payment from bitcoin.



Beautiful SCAM – Dydx,Piradigm


From all this circus Partying face (arranged by a team), we can conclude – this contract will be unlocked after unlocking DYDX VCs. 25.000.000 DYDX, must pick up VCs

Concerning since you attached via a wallet like MetaMask

DYDX sucks because if you use a VPN, they block you without warning (permanently) if you are connected via certain countries. They call it circumventing them. When in reality, VPN’s are useful for privacy and because ISP’s try to filter and monitor you. And nothing to do with DYDX. I will steer clear of DYDX frankly.

Another Reddit post


I am no fan of regulation, but when it comes to the safety of your investment, it can matter. Also, when you look at the recent EU banning anonymous wallets, it becomes a losing game trying to sidestep this. CME is the only option here. I also looked into CME and crypto. See here


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