Binance Shuts Down Ontario Canada Users From Its Platform

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2022)


This news spread again about Binance PEMRNANTLY shutting down in Ontario Canada.

Binance Shuts Down Ontario Users From Its Platform – Will It Restrict Other Canadian Provinces? from czcalls

I was faced with this at the end of 2021 but decided to stick it out with Binance. It appears this is the official word what Binance intends to do with us Ontario users.  I posted this at my chat server at quantlabs.info

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(e.g. move back to Kraken using the old bot/strategy I had as the market regime calls for)

Here are the most legit articles I could find on Binance shutting down in Ontario situation


It is this link you need to pay attention to “UNDERTAKING AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ” from CZ at Binance Just read the section on “Identify Existing Ontario Accounts”.

Click to access 20220316-Binance-Undertaking-and-Acknowledgement.pdf

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