Why Bitcoin and crypto cannot be a hedge and tied to stock market performance

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2022)

I got a series of questions and comments from a Facebook user. He asked about market making, crypto manipulation ,and crypto options markets. I answer here:

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X: By the way as spooofing is illegal in equity markets what’s your opinion of it within crypto markets as it’s quite evident here and there
Sun 11:04 PM
You sent
it is free for all in crypto
Hmmmm but I guess now exchanges would be scared if the market makers conducted that behaviour as the exchanges would then be punished?

And by the way what’s your perspective on options on crypto and how that affects the market

You sent
mainstream and cyrpto markets are now linked which is not good

X: Hmmmm I mean throughout history or if you consider Pareto theory like 80:20

X: Most wealth/control is probably controlled by a few parties

X: I mean in crypto most new traders and non tech people still always value fiat as they care about the %ge gain relative to dollar or

You sent
either way, BTCis tied to the performance of the stock market but that could change as it is used as a hedge.

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