Why i closed my Zoom and Vultr.com accounts

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2021)

I have closed both service including Zoom and Vultr.  I closed the Zoom due to the nasty Zoom bombing experience my group went through. Let me just say it involved nasty porn related stuff from some mentally disturbed cretin. My security setting to prevent this from happening were set properly but it still happened during a session. I do believe the support at Zoom don’t care about it neither. As a result, I will be using more Telegram private channels and groups to handle delivery of online communication.  I also tried an Amazon Twitch stream where a few said it was glitchy. I have not seen these problems with Telegram so far. Yes legit and honest people use Telegram no matter how mainstream media wants to spin it.

As for Vultr, the technology is quite good with no issues seen over the last # of months. Their tech support was highly limited where I hear  the internet Privacy Guy (Rob Braxman) loves his support at Linode. As a result, I am moving over to. I did not know how small Vultr was with $5M in revenue and only 25 staff.



Linode is much much bigger revenue wise and I can see potentially why the support is much better. We shall see as I make the switch next year.


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