Month: December 2021

Bitcoin full node guide to secure self sovereignty

Bitcoin full node guide: From another great report at Kraken Intelligence, this one got me thinking one could get off the legacy financial system. You easily be paid in Bitcoin as more global stores and banks start accepting it. I am sure the governments  and banks are crapping their pants not realizing how much off a threat this is to their existence.

What trading institution using Coinbase Prime

Check out these links from Coinbase https://www.coinbase.com/prime/analytics https://www3.technologyevaluation.com/solutions/55196/coinbase-prime Pretty decent looking report but us peons might not get access. I still don’t trust this exchange either way. Maybe you need billions to join this. Jon my free private chat server https://quantlabs.info/public/ Or get some free trading secret PDFs https://quantlabs.net/contact/   NOTE I now post my …

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