MotiveWave vs NinjaTrade vs Python trading bot API performance

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2021)

Top notch trading platforms like  MotiveWave (vs NinjaTrader) make  huge difference in automated execution due to extra features you may not consider. Also, it will help build up your trading account like in my 3rd party verified one for crypto trading.

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Here are those Motivewave review links




this is the most honest as usual


Some other responses but do you agree to these for best performance:

A set of indicators (tools) and how they are used (strategy) is user dependent.

Not much to do with the bot itself.

Every day is a new day with new market conditions. And depending on what your trading goal is, requires skill in how you use those tools.

If your goal is a 100% annual return is different than if your average daily compounding goal is 5%.

If a trader doesn’t know what she wants there’s no way that I know of to show  person ways of getting there.

I have over 50 years of teaching experience.

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