Bitcoin full node guide to secure self sovereignty

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2021)

Bitcoin full node guide: From another great report at Kraken Intelligence, this one got me thinking one could get off the legacy financial system. You easily be paid in Bitcoin as more global stores and banks start accepting it. I am sure the governments  and banks are crapping their pants not realizing how much off a threat this is to their existence. Even one regulator (I think SEC) said Bitcoin could be a real threat the USA financial system. Looking at this technology, I believe it. Also, Bitcoin just passed the same transaction volume as Paypal. They are predicting that Bitcoin will exceed all volume of Mastercard in a few years.  You should watch frequent news I post on the chat server at https://quantlabs.info/public/

. If you plan to set up something like this up, I always say to be honest to declare all your crypto income that needs to be taxed. If that bothers, move to a region to set up where foreign income is not taxes. There are many options in Latin America, Asia, and Caribbean.



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