Future for Python script and Java strategy MotiveWave trading and programming

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2021)

Here are some questions I thought people be interested in hearing about. This is includes updates the Quant Elite membership which will focus on programming in Python and MotiveWave.

Questions based on these from a returning customer:

1. I need to open an account with Kraken and move funds from Binance. Do I convert all the funds to USD in Kraken to enable the successful execution of trades from your signals?

2. I need to rent/subscribe to MotiveWave services: If so; which of their platforms? eg. Standard or Order Flow?

3. Do I still need to keep the Vultr instance I rented since? I heard from your video you’ve moved from the python script to MotiveWave (I didn’t understand it though).

4. If so, does that mean the python script is no longer needed and that MotiveWave is standalone without VPS?

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