Zcash (ZEC) will move to Proof-of-Stake

AYes ZEC (or Zcash) may start to move big as it did over the last few days .You have been warned based on my courtesy of this . Other coins are ready to move as shown over the last 24 hours. Don’t forget about our Black Friday week sale https://quantlabs.net/shop/product/annual-quant-elite-and-quant-analytics-black-friday-2021-promotional-offer/ Join my private chat server […]

Trader makes 14 million in 1 day on this private decentral exchange dYdX

How is this possible on this private decentralized crypto exchange dYdX out of Switzerland. It just had over 4 billion in 24 hour which is half of Coinbase. They also take USA residents https://help.dydx.exchange/en/articles/4798063-location-restrictions dYdX’s growth may have changed DEXs, but can it sustain itself Join my private research server for private info https://quantlabs.info/ Get […]

Here is what crypto coins was moving last nite

This is slightly delayed but I want to show you which coins where moving inclduing LRC and MANA. Want to learn more about which coins move, join my chat server https://quantlabs.info/   Get my Trade Like a Boss PDF here https://quantlabs.net/contact/ NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don’t worry […]

Will Bitcoin still lead the way or does RSI say a crypto trading pullback is coming

I show the leading coin for potential moves today for crypto trading.. I also explain how Relative Strength Indicator can simply be used for potential pullback with Bitcoin and overall coins. The coins watched here are the potential movers based on my private chat server at quantlabs.info Get some free trading PDF secret stuff here […]

Top performing Metaverse crypto trading coins including MANA AXS SAND ENJ

Here are some of the top perfocming gaming/Metaverse coins with results. Check out the links below to the sources/ Kraken cryptocurrency coin trading restriction https://quantlabs.net/blog/2021/07/kraken-cryptocurrency-coin-trading-restriction/ From https://crypto.com/price/categories/metaverse Ensure to use the free resources from https://quantlabs.info/ Get some free trading secret PDFs https://quantlabs.net/contact/   NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. […]