VIDEO: How to build extreme wealth using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency! 3rd party verfied account!

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2021)

Don’t get left behind as Bitcoin approaches 100K. The US based Bitcoins ETFs have been approved as well as crypto will now be mainstream. This most likely will be the last opportunity for the Average Joe to build extreme wealth as the walls of government tyranny are closing in. Cryptocurrency is the last opportunity to do it. Just check my video to show this 3rd party verified account!

NOTE: Detailed video is below 

Over the next few days, I will be building out the course material for this high level introductory course to help build your crypto portfolio with an simpler automated process out there. As I show in this video, I have shown how I have build out a 3rd party verified (Cointracking.info) with a 50% return over just 8 days. I could double it over the next few days.

So why sit on the sidelines and moan about life? This is especially true when you have this path to build the lifestyle you want. I go over this in a video of a roadmap how to do it.

What really matters is the the course will start very soon on content to be dripped with live weekly Q&A each Monday. I explain all this in the video!!! More detailed videos to come!

What is extremely important to remember, my prices will definitely be going up. I will be reducing my annual term of the Quant Analytics membership from 12 months to 3 or 4 months in coming days. I am no longer joking about this. This is essentially a 3x -4x increase of what I have currently.

I also mentioned about the live market commentary you get access with my other crash course in MotiveWave trading. This is an essentially one of the highest rated modern platforms out there which blows the dust off of all old crap trading where you get locked using Windows only. Some even use some proprietary useless languages which locks you as well. Do not use these platforms to restrict your ability to build wealth as opposed to MotiveWave with so many options. As MotiveWave stellar reviews and community grows, I would not be surprised they will be increasing their price of the platform as well.

The big benefit of this platform is all the heavy lifting where most of the work is done for you. It also enables you to focus on your trading ideas instead of some old man, legacy, or proprietary useless bloated platform. The also big benefit it does not a lot of technical knowledge to operate.

So again the opportunity is now! Get in on this for extreme wealth build as shown on my 3rd party verified trading account, early benefit of crypto value growth, and most of all the world’s best trading platform. The longer you wait, the less money you are making!

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