New FinRL finance reinforcement learning Python project with subscription NEW business model

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2021)

Howdy. I have revisted this new Python package quite a bit regarding machine learning specific to high frequency, portfolio weighting, etc. This was recommended by a high trusted hedge fund insider I have known for year.

Looking at this project does exdude confidence in what is promoted here for friendly open source Python packages. I have a new running list of research I am compiling on this project:

New FinRL reinforcement learning for finance with crypto and HFT examples


I would do a video on this but the Youtube “self-entitled  trolling free-trard cry babies”  will not excite mt to post something on it. As a result, you can find all the resources in the link above.

Thanks Bryan

P.S. As stated yesterday:

As I have done competitive analysis of similar product and service to what I have done, I will be shortening my subscriptions terms from annual to quarterly. This means that there will be essentially a 3x time price increase once I do it. As far as results, I would urge you do subscribe to anything you see at my store as soon as possible.

*** I will be doing some Powerpoint presentation videos on this exact topic in coming days. Note I will be starting my daily analysis twice a day LIVE at 10 am and 10PM! I will be encouraging people who are currently clients of mine to take part. I am note sure if it is worthwhile to post video playbacks to these since they will be so obsolete within hours. I will let those clients know when starts happening live. Also, there will be a minimum spend of $1k to join these. I will enticing as many to join ASAP but will I will scaling back the subscriptions by 9 months in coming weeks. I will be heavily promoting this as well who have not decided to take part.

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