How to transition from MT4 platform and forex CFD trading to real solid performance

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2021)

This was a query that came in regard this transition from forex/CFD trading from the MT platform.  If you want to learn more, choose one of the following:

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I have been already trading for many years, but mainly fx, cfd and futures. I usually trade only automatically or semi-automatically on MT4 platform (actually writing a good system is more exciting for me than to make money)

Recently I have gone through serious studies in ML and of course learnt python – so I have now of course my head full of ideas how to implement ML into the trading.

It’s hard to switch from MQL and well known MT4 platform to something totally unknown, but I would like to find a platform and a reliable broker where I could trade via an API – the broker would need to offer some instruments which I usually trade (including DAX40, FTSE100, DJ and other indices).

And I am looking for someone who could give me a short intro into the python tools for trading. I have noticed that you have a ready webinar for python&crypto but I would rather stay with more traditional instruments (which I already know well) 🙂

so – do you have something like the webinar for crypto but related more to fx and cfds ?

I do not have that much time to go through “the full learning process” just from zero and discover everything on my own, just need some guideline.

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