Can you day trade cryptocurrency? video posted

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2021)

I have posted  the webinar video playback from last night entitled “Can you day trade cryptocurrency?’ in the Bootcamp series service. Detail on this Boomtcamp service here of most webinars video playbacks  from 2021 posted here

The details of this webinar from last night included:

If you have not seen my latest videos on my Rumble channel, you should check out how you could day trade cryptocurrency with the latest addition to my Telegram channels. See the live webinar id below for Tues.

This was 2+ hrs plus we talked about the latest crash of crypto. Not only that, we went through some examples of coins that could lead the recovery.

Thanks Bryan

P.S. If you are interested in this Bootcamp service, I can provide it for free if you join the Quant Elite or Quant Analytics services. This is also can be said for any new recent customers. Here are the product listings:

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If you need direction for 2 free courses to help out in your decision, let me know as I can guide you to the right course for your desired result.

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